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SERVICES MENU:   Minimum Charge is $75.00

All of our services are performed in front of you, while-you-wait.  An appointment is necessary.

Appraisal (written document)                                                     $ 75.00 per half hour

Appraisals include cleaning and safety inspection, metals assay, gem identification, technical descriptions, photographs, written documentation and include a value conclusion for a single stated purpose (Insurance Appraisal, Estate Appraisal, etc.).  An extra copy is supplied for your insurance agent or your additional needs. (Usually one or two items can be accomplished in 30 minutes.  Complex items or extended discussions can extend this time.)

Digital Photographs                                                                   $ 37.50 per half hour

Photographs on a CD ROM disk or a Memory Stick for your use (.jpg format only). 

Photos taken with an appraisal are printed on your appraisal document only available separately for $5.00 on a Floppy Disk or $15.00 on a CD ROM or Re-usable Memory Stick.


Bulk Appraisals (more than 10 items)                                           $ 225.00 per hour

When you have a large appraisal assignment for Estate Taxes or Separation of Assets (more than 10 items) we bill at a slightly higher rate, but tend to move more quickly, as much of the information is not repeated and the same level of detail is generally not required.  This usually includes a photograph of the item with a brief written description and a value conclusion.  It tends to represents a 20 30% savings over our Insurance Appraisal rate. 


Appraisal Updates (on items previously appraised by us)        $ 50.00 per half hour

You should have your Insurance Appraisals updated every three years or so to be certain the value is current with the market.  Your insurance company is not likely to spend more than the amount on the appraisal to replace your jewelry in the event of a loss.  We are required to physically inspect the jewelry to certify it still exists and that it is in insurable condition. Please be sure and tell us if we are updating an old appraisal. 


Decorative Items (other than jewelry, appraisals by Tracy Newberry)        

                                                                       Office Visit:        $ 150.00 per hour

                                                                        Home Visit:        $ 225.00 per hour

Appraisal of Decorative Arts and Home Personal property (silver, glass, crystal, collectables, metalwork, etc.) can be done in our office or at your location.  There is a one hour minimum that includes an overview and you can expect about 30 minutes per item, depending on what we're looking at.  Tracy will give you a clearer estimate when we know what you have. 


If you have any questions regarding our rates, please ask.

Payment is required at time of service.

  To schedule an appointment please call us or click the link below.

Office Hours: Tue-Fri 10:00AM to 4:30PM

and alternating Saturdays 10:00PM to 2:00PM

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