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People and places we like*:

    Places to look on-line for your diamond:


     Diamond Source of Virginia                              Mondera


     James Allen Jewelers                                        Blue                                             



     Places to buy a diamond, just a mounting or to have your loose diamond set:


     Hyde Park Jewelers                                        Hurdle's Jewelry

     Cherry Creek Mall - Upper Level                 1402 Pearl Street - Pearl Street Mall

     Denver CO 80206                                            Boulder CO 80302

     303-333-4446                                                   303-443-1084


    Intrigue Jewelers                                             

    9886 W. Belleview Avenue                                                 

    Denver CO 80222



     RiKa Designs                                                   The Shane Company

     408 Downing Street                                         Broomfield / Englewood

     Denver CO 80218                                            303-799-4700



     John Atencio Designing Jewelers                   Ben Bridge Jewelers

     Several Denver Area Locations                      Most major shopping malls

     303-377-2007                                                    Denver and West



    Gnat Original Designs                                      Tipton & Associates Fine Jewelers     

    2703 E. 3rd Ave.                                                2380 E. Third Avenue                                     

    Denver CO 80206                                             Denver CO 80206

    303-355-5858                                                    303-399-6977


     Oster Watch & Jewelry Boutique                  Ken Nelson Goldsmith

     251 Steele Street                                             504 - 6th (Historic Downtown)

     Denver CO 80206                                            Georgetown CO 80444

     (303) 572-1111                                                 (303) 569-2791


    John Richardson, Goldsmith                            Schlener Jewelry

    8008 W. Jewell Avenue                                   10265 N. Washington Street

    Lakewood CO 80232                                       Thornton CO 80229

    (303) 972-9511                                                  (303) 451-7795


    Randi Lee for Goldworks      

    Randi passed away in January 2006, her store is now closed.



      Places to sell your old jewelry:

The Auction Associates - a partner firm with Appraisal Associates and Pellish Appraising, The Auction Associates can help you by determining what you have, what your requirements are and what the best venue for sale would be, and making it all happen.  Though not a direct buyer (we won't buy your jewelry) we will get it to the right place to sell it for the best possible price in the time allowed.


Hurdle's Jewelry in Boulder offers a consignment service for some jewelry, they also buy gold and silver scrap.  See their address information above and give them a call. (303-443-1084)

                  Christies Auction                                 Sotheby’s Auction (Robin Wright)



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*These shops, people and places are included here for your reference only.  As a matter of professional ethics I do not recommend individual jewelers, people, shops or places.  Clients often relate their personal experiences to me, and these folks seem to get high marks.    


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